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Daydream's Folly

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Kathryn Lucas

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     Fiction and Nonfiction are both complex genres, requiring a deep understanding of their basic building blocks to ensure you have a successful piece. Indeed, it is important for both to engage the reader and entertain them, however, each demands certain criteria to be met to ensure a successful piece has been created. 

     For Fiction, a story must follow the basic story arc to be triumphant and satisfying to a reader while also including enough detail and intrigue to keep a reader interested. For Nonfiction, truth must walk a fine line with creativity and passion, allowing for history to live in ways it may not have been able to if the facts were all that were told.

     Each genre has its requirements, but the most important requirement is this: allow the reader to see the world you have built for them. Without this, a reader will not read, and your words will die on the same page they were born.

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Fiction and Nonfiction Works


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"Daydream's Folly" is something I began to use to describe the writing process I have come to embrace. Daydreams, oftentimes foolishly, latch on to something I like, and I simply let the story flow from there. What you read here will more often than not fall under this premise, so of course, the title of this site should reflect that fact.

I am a simple person who enjoys creating. To become an author is my longest dream, and so I have spent most of my life learning how to be the best writer I can be, a journey which I am still on. My greatest hope is that you, the reader, are able to be entertained by my words and feel them in your heart, allowing these stories to live beyond this page.



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